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Plane Crash On Long Island Kills Passenger, Injures Three Others

One passenger was killed Sunday, and three other seriously hurt, when a small plane crashed on a street in Long Island, N.Y., according to The Wall Street Journal.

The single-engine plane was apparently attempting an emergency landing at 9 a.m. Sunday after engine failure, and came down on East Carmans Road in East Farmingdale. The Federal Aviation Administration was investigating the fatal accident.

The propeller plane, a 1969 Marchetti, had taken off from Republic Airport and was circling back for a practice landing coming, and was less than a mile from the runway, when its engine failed. The plane hit a tree, a fence and four parked cars before it crashed.

The four men in the plane were friends who on Sundays would fly to a cafe in a Dutchess County airport for brunch. 

Ed Cerverizzo, 75, was pronounced dead at St. Joseph Hospital in Massapequa, N.Y. Pilot Gus Halouvas, 55, was sent to Nassau University Medical Center with spinal injuries. William Mancuso, 83, was treated for facial cuts at that facility. 

Charles Bianculli, 61, was in critical condition in Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center.

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