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Oilfield Worker Killed In Fall

Oilfield Worker Killed in Fall at a Texan Oilfield

A Texas oilfield worker was killed Thursday when he fell from a tank battery, according to the Odessa American.

Levis Aubrey, 47, of Kermit, Texas, was the oilfield worker killed employed at Bass Enterprises. He had climbed on top of a tank battery that was roughly 24-feet high in Winkler, Texas.

An electrician who was on the ground told authorities that he heard Aubrey say that he smelled gas, the Odessa American reported. Aubrey the oilfield worker that was killed then stepped back and fell head-first down a staircase, according to the newspaper.

“We’re thinking probably — and we won’t know until the autopsy — that the gas may have overcome him and caused him to fall,” Keely said. “Perhaps the fall itself may have caused his death.” was stated by the authorities when asked what may have made him fall.

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