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Collision Of 2 Trains Injures 33

Two Train Collision in Chicago

More than 30 people were injured Monday when an out-of-service Chicago Transit Authority train mysteriously collided with another train, according to NBC in Chicago.

The collision took place around 8 a.m. in Forest Park, a suburb of  Chicago,  at Harlem Avenue and Interstate 290. A train that was waiting at the Harlem station was hit by a unmanned train that was traveling toward the Loop, NBC reported.

Authorities said that 33 people were taken to nine local hospitals for treatment, mainly for neck and back pain.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the collision, which has left CTA officials baffled, according to the Chicago Tribune. They can’t understand how the driver-less “ghost train” was able to travel half a mile and get by several safeguards before striking the other Blue Line train.,0,1375440.story

CTA authorities noted that someone had to start the train, which was parked awaiting service, The Tribune reported. The runaway train also flew through three safety systems that failed to stop it, officials said.

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