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Good Samaritans Killed In Truck Crash

Good Samaritans Die

Two Good Samaritans were killed Tuesday while trying to help victims in a highway crash in Kentucky, according to

The first accident took place on Interstate 64 in Shelby County at roughly 11:30 a.m. when a semi hit a box truck on its side. The semi and a third vehicle were sent into a median.

There was then a second accident where another semi struck a minivan and a company van, which had stopped on the highway’s left shoulder. The drivers of those two vehicles were the Good Samaritans who planned to help the first crash victims, WAVE reported.

One of the Samaritans was Jay Wood, a 33-year-old Louisville man who whose fiance had his baby girl Aug. 15. The other one was Charles Burtt, a 71-year-old Virginia man, according to WAVE.

The two men were hit by the semi while they were out of the vehicles. The semi appeared to be changing lanes to avoid striking the vehicles in the first crash, WAVE reported.

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