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Kansas Oilfield Accident – 2 Men Die

Kansas Oilfield Accident

A man and his son-in-law were killed last week in a Kansas oilfield accident, according to The Kansas City Star.

The victims were Curtis Hoffman, 50, and Kebby Myers, 30, who were killed July 8 after being overcome by hydrogen sulfide gas, which is a byproduct of oil and natural gas production, The Star reported. The accident happened near Claflin, Kan., which is more than 100 miles from Wichita.

According to The Star, Hoffman was doing some work on a valve and called for Myers to hand him over some parts. Hoffman was then apparently overcome by the gas, as was Myers when he came in with the parts.

A hazmat team had to be brought in to clean up after the accident, which is being investigated.


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