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Five Suits Settle As 2012 Trial Date Is Set For Buffalo Plane Crash

 A federal judge has set a date for a wrongful-death trial stemming from the crash of a plane near Buffalo, N.Y., last year. So far there have been 39 lawsuits filed relating to the crash, where 50 people were killed. Five of the suits have already settled.

 U.S. District Court Judge William Skretny Wednesday set a March 2012 trial date for the case involving Continental Connection Flight 3407. That jet crashed into a home on Feb. 12, 2009, killing 49 people on the plane and one person on the ground. 

Continental, Pinnacle Airlines and Pinnacle’s unit Colgan Air are all being sued.

Attorneys for the families of the victims want the flight’s cockpit voice recording released, but the air carriers are objecting. The federal judge is expected to rule on that issue in about a month.


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