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Judge Allows Lawsuit Stemming From Yankee Cory Lidle’s Fatal Plane Crash To Proceed

 A judge ruled Tuesday that the widow of New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle, who was killed when a small plane he  was in crashed into a Manhattan building, can proceed with a lawsuit stemming from his death, according to the New York Post.

Melanie Lidle has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Design Corp. The suit alleges that a defective control system lead to the crash, in which the plane carrying the Yankee and flight instructor Tyler Stanger hit an apartment building on the Upper East Side.

The widow Lidle’s attorney had presented testimony from five experts, and Manhattan federal judge Barbara Jones found that based on their evidence there was sufficient cause for the litigation to proceed. 

 Right before the accident Lidle and Stanger were flying over the East River in Manhattan. Then they tried to make a U-turn, and hit the building while doing so. 

The National Transportation Safety Board found that the pair had started their turn too late to have enough room to successfully make the turn.     



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