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Unhitched Trailer Killed 7

Unhitched Trailer Causes Seven Deaths including 4 Children in N.Y.

I have more details about the horrific tractor-trailer accident that killed seven people, including four children because the of an unhitched trailer, in Upstate New York Wednesday.

The truck’s trailer somehow became unattached from the truck, and crashed into a minivan near Syracuse, N.Y., according to CNN.

There were eight people in the van, and only one, Shawn Mead, lived. His children Alyssa, 7, and Tyler, 4, died in the accident, CNN reported.

The other victims were: Teresa Bush, 26, and her daughters Jasmine, 5, and Alexis, 4; Lena Beckwith, 21; and Carino Vanorden, 24.

The accident happened on a rural road, and authorities are investigating why the trailer became unhitched.

Ryan Dorward, 26, and Duane Newton, 44, were in the truck and didn’t sustain any injuries.


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