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95 Vehicle Pileup Kills 3, Hurts 25

95 Vehicle Pileup in Virginia

Fog is a mass murderer as was the killer in the 95 vehicle pileup on a Virginia highway in Virginia near the North Carolina state line.

I’ve written several blogs about vehicular accidents where dozens of cars and trucks pile up when they hit foggy patches on highways. And unfortunately, one of these horrific accidents happened this weekend.

On Sunday a chain reaction of crashes involving 95 vehicles killed three people and injured 25 others on Route 77 near the Virginia-North Carolina border, according to the Associated Press. Heavy fog had descended on that stretch of the highway, near Fancy Gap Mountain.

There were about 17 different crashed in the pileup, AP reported. The wire service cited stats from The Roanoke Times, which said that 1997 there have been at a half dozen similar pileups in this mountainous area.

Highway authorities tried to warn motorists of the danger.  Since 6 a.m. Sunday morning, there were overhead signs telling  told drivers to slow down because of the thick fog, according to AP.

At the core of the pileup was a crash that involved eight vehicles, including a tractor-trailer, AP reported.

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