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Military Plane Crash Kill 3 of Crew

Military Plane Goes Down and Kills 3 Members of the Crew

Three crew members were killed Monday morning when a U.S. Navy military plane crashed in eastern Washington state, according to the Associated Press.

The E/A-6B Prowler aircraft was from Naval Air Station Whidbey, which is on Puget Sound. Planes from the base often fly across Washington on training missions, AP reported.

The cause of the accident was under investigation, but all three crew members aboard were presumed dead. Officials hadn’t released their identities.

The plane, part of Electronic Attack Squadron VAQ-129, crashed on farmland some 50 miles from Spokane, according to AP. The aircraft basically disintegrated, and left a big crater where it fell, AP said.

The wire service reported that the Prowler engages in “electronic warfare,” such as jamming radar signals.


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