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Four Americans Among 14 Dead In Plane Crash In Nepal

A plane taking passengers to a popular hiking area in Nepal crashed in bad weather Tuesday, killing 14 people, according to The Los Angeles Times.,0,372610.story

There were four Americans, a British citizen and a Japanese person among the dead when the 15-seat Dornier 228 twin turboprop had the accident. It was on its way from Katmandu to Lukla, a town that’s popular with hikers.

Shortly after the plane, operated by Agni Air, took off air traffic control advised it to turn around because of thick cloud cover, according to The Times. The pilot did try to come back to Katmandu, but it was also enshrouded by clouds. So the plane then headed to Simra airport.

Before it made it there, the plane crashed in Shikharpur. There were 11 passengers and three crew members on the flight.

A five-member committee of Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority will investigate the accident and file a report within 65 days, The Times reported.         

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