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No Survivors Found At Afghan Airline Crash Site

Searchers Friday found the wreckage, but no survivors, of an Afghan commercial airplane that went missing shortly after takeoff earlier this week.

Reports varied as to whether there were 43 or 44 aboard the plane, but none of them lived. The bodies of 15 had been found as of Saturday afternoon in a remote section of Afghanistan.

The Pamir Airways plane, an old Antonov-24, crashed and landed on a 13,500-foot mountain. The plane’s wreckage — and body parts — were strewn over a large snowy area. The aircraft’s black box was recovered, according to authorities.

The crash, whose cause isn’t known yet, took place in the Gorband district of Parwan province. The plane, which had taken off from the northern Kunduz province, had been en route to Kabul. 



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