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Pilot Dies In Crash of WWII Fighter Plane In Arizona

In a weird sort of way of reminding us of the sacrifice and importance of American Aviators in winning World War II, a second vintage aircraft has been in a deadly crashed this week. A World War II-era fighter plane crashed into a hangar of at an airport in Chandler, Ariz., Thursday, killing the pilot.

As reported here, last Saturday another World War II aircraft crashed in the Gulf of Mexico.

In the Arizona crash, Nazirudin Hirani died in the accident, involving a rare P-51 Mustang, a 1944 fighter plane. The plane was registered to Hirani’s company, Hirani Oil Arizona and is under investigation,

Witnesses said they saw the aircraft flying erratically as it flew over Stellar Airpark. The plane was flying low, and them made a sharp turn to fly toward the airport, as if attempting to make a landing. It hit a hangar, setting it on fire.

Kurt Gearhart, Hirani’s friend and a Southwest Airlines pilot, told The Arizona Republic that he had been a passenger in Hirani’s plane Thursday for a trip to Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. The two men ate breakfast, and then Hirani displayed his rare P-51 for an aircraft mechanics symposium.

Gearhart couldn’t stay for the presentation.

Hirani’s plane crashed as he was on his way back to his hangar at Stellar Airpark.

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