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Neurosurgeon Pilot and His Passenger Killed in Crash of Vintage Plane

Federal authorities are investigating the crash of a World War II era plane into the Gulf of Mexico off Florida, killing a neurosurgeon pilot and his passenger.|main|dl1|link4|

Dr. Evan Zeiger Jr., 60, was flying a single engine T-6 Texan trainer plane as part of a formation with other aircraft when he crashed into the water at about 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

Zeiger is from Birmingham, Ala., and it’s believed that his passenger was his wife. They would vacation in Florida, in the area of the crash, which took place off South Walton County.

Witnesses said that Zeiger’s plane was dive bombing down toward the water, but then it didn’t pull up. It hit the water at a very high speed, creating a plume of water. No one saw any smoke or flames coming from the aircraft before it crashed.

The National Transportation Safety Board is probing the crash, and the plane’s wreckage was slated to be pulled from the water Monday.

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