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Montana Ski Trip Ends in Tragedy

March 22, 2009

The AP is reporting that a single engine turboprop plane has crashed while attempting to land at the airport in Butte, Montana. Landing 500 feet short of the airport, the Montana Standard reported in an online story that it crashed in Butte’s Holy Cross Cemetery.

Reportedly, the plane was on route from Oroville, California to Bozeman, Montana, when the pilot canceled his flight plan and attempted to land in Butte, Montana instead.

17 people were killed in the crash, including several children. All were reportedly on their way to enjoy a ski trip.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, Fergus said the plane was registered to Eagle Cap Leasing Inc. in Enterprise, Oregon, but he did not know who the pilot was.

An eyewitness told the Standard that the plane was doing steep angle turns and then went into a nose dive, crashing into the trees in the cemetary.

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