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Airborne Express Trucking Safety Record

Airborne Express

Airborne Express is one of the largest interstate trucking firms in the U.S., with in excess of 2,000 units and 2,900 drivers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. This page is provided as a resource for anyone investigating Airborne Express’s safety record, as part of a claim against Airborne Express because of injuries suffered in a motor vehicle wreck.

SEATTLE, WA 98121-1024
Mailing Address P O BOX 662
SEATTLE, WA 98111-0662
Telephone/Fax (206) 285-4600 / (206) 281-4438
Number of Power Units 2,070 Number of Drivers 2,900

Airborne Express drivers were reported to have been involved in 5 crashes involving injuries, including 1 death.

Listed below is the information on 13 crashes that Airborne Express was involved in the 30 months prior to 4/23/04.

Compliance Review Results
(within 12 months)
State Reported Crashes
(within 30 months)

Measures and Indicators
Recordable Accident Indicator (RAI) Insuf. data Accident Involvement Indicator (AII) 0.3
Recordable Accident Measure (RAR) Insuf. data Accident Involvement Measure (AIM) 0.018
Summary Event Data
Date of Review None Number of Vehicles Involved in State Reported Crashes 13
Number of Vehicle Miles Traveled N/A Number of Vehicles Involved in Crashes Resulting in Fatalities 1
Number of Recordable Crashes N/A Number of Vehicles Involved in Crashes Resulting in Injuries 5
Average Number of Power Units 2,070.0

Vehicles Involved in State Reported Crashes
(within 30 months)
SafeStat Run Date -4/23/04

Crash Date, Report State, Report Number, Location, Fatalities, Injuries, Driver License State, Vehicle Identification Number, Vehicle Plate Number

  1. 02/24/2004 MI,”MI0005538732″,”MIDDLEBELT”,NO,NO,,,7657AR
  2. 11/18/2003
    IL,”IL0000682967″,”Superior State”,YES,NO,IL,1GBJP32R2W3314063,76434D
  3. 08/07/2003
    CA,”CA0000974598″,”CROY RD”,NO,NO,CA,1FDXE45S2YHA98667,6H33638
  4. 06/10/2003
    ME,”ME100-761-AC”,”COMMUNITY DR”,NO,NO,ME,1GOJ7H1CXYJ506203,689073
  5. 06/04/2003
    IL,”IL0006089657″,”Weber Lily Cachew”,NO,YES,IL,1GBHP32K5R3316198,16207D
  6. 04/18/2003
    MO,”MO0000005388″,”MO 340″,NO,NO,MO,1GBJP32R0V3316876,769EX1
  7. 03/31/2003
    OH,”OH0038104114″,”STREETSBORO RO”,NO,YES,OH,1GBJP32R7W3310798,PAY9504
  8. 03/18/2003
    OH,”OH0038092460″,”SYMMES RO”,NO,YES,IN,1GBGG25WXY1255025,PCC9223
  9. 03/05/2003
    MO,”MO0000005121″,”MO 370″,NO,YES,MO,1FTFE24Y3THA46340,513EXO
  10. 01/23/2003
    IL,”IL0007837657″,”I 90 S/B”,NO,NO,IL,1FTXR72C3TVA19519,7704K
  11. 11/05/2002
    WA,”WA0001144752″,”19400 WOOD-SNO RD”,NO,NO,WA,1FDKE37G6SHB24272,A36816A
  12. 10/14/2002
    IL,”IL0005728254″,”Santa Fe Dr”,NO,YES,IL,1FTFE242JVHB34577,8682PR
  13. 02/08/2002
    IL,”IL0005437199″,”MT PROSPECT RD”,NO,NO,IL,1HSSCAAN3TH257604,248Q

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