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Trip Receipts Auditing of Logs

Trip Receipts

As with every essentially voluntary enforcement scheme (such as the tax code) without detailed and stringent audits or trip receipts, there would be no safeguard against cheating. Sadly, cheating is believed to be common place. Thus, if there weren’t ways to at least corroborate the accuracy of logs and trip receipts, cheaters would do so with impunity. At least when the catastrophe of a truck out of control has injured the innocent, it is possible to double check the claimed hours worked, against the expense receipts and other paperwork which is generated in normal course of the industry. Thus, a detailed legal and accounting examination of trip receipts, may show that despite claims to the contrary, a contributing factor in the wreck, was a driver who broke federal and state regulations governing the maximum amount of hours he or she was allowed to drive.

The importance of Trip Receipts for Log accuracy.

The importance of Trip Receipts for Log accuracy.

However, as the opporutnity for cheating is so inherent in the system, it is not just the truckers themselves who have responsibility for such conduct, but the carriers, who ignored the inconsistency between their own internal records, and their drivers logs.


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